Algeria: dozens of people are executed for “Lynch court”

In Algeria, the court sentenced 49 people to the death penalty for killing a man and abuse of his body, another 22 people were sentenced to various prison terms, foreign media reported.

In August, the Algeria police announced the detention of several dozen suspects of involvement in the lynching of a man who was suspected of participating in the arson of forests. According to Algeria Prosecutor General’s Office, August 11, a group of citizens in the city of Larbaa-Nate-Iraten of the Northern Province of Tisi-Uzu detained three men, suspecting them of involvement in the arson of forests, and began to beat them.

The police intervened in the situation, taking three men into the department, but the attackers managed to pull out one of them from the police station. The man was beaten on the city square and set fire to, as a result, he died. Police officers trying to save the victim were also injured.

It is reported that today the criminal court of first instance in Dar-El-Bade (suburb of the capital of Algeria) issued 49 accused in the case of the murder and abuse of the body of the late young man. A death sentence.