Ali Akhmedov on inauguration of Lula and Silva

January 1, 77-year-old Luis Inasiu Lula da Silva, who won the elections at the end of October 2022, became president of Brazil for the third time. The inauguration was held in the capital of the country. Former President Zhair Bolsonaru was not present at the ceremony – he left the country at the end of last week, flying to Florida, without recognizing defeat in the presidential race.

Azerbaijan was represented by the Deputy Prime Minister Ali Akhmedov for the Inhumination of the President of Brazil, reports with reference to the Cabinet of Ministers.

In his first speech, Lula da Silva vowed to restore the country from the “terrible ruins”, he did not forget to condemn the policy of his predecessor, BBC News reports. In addition, yes, Silva said that he would lead Brazil in the interests of all the inhabitants of the country, and not just those who voted for him.

Inauguration has become a real holiday for many Brazilians – in the capital, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate this event. Supporters of the new president in red clothes – in the color of the working party headed by him, began to gather in front of the congress building from the early morning.

Official events began with the fact that Lula and the new vice president of Geraldo Alkmin drove along the streets of the capital, Brazilia, in an open car. The inauguration was held in an environment of increased safety measures.

This is not the first presidency of the veteran of the Brazilian policy, which is more often called Lula here, he already headed the country between 2003 and 2010 and again achieved the highest post of the country, defeating Zhira Bolsonaru in the October elections.