Aliyev went to friend … to create “sustainable development”

The establishment of a deep relationship with the Arab world is one of the important elements of the multi -vector foreign policy of President Ilham Aliyev, aimed at ensuring the national interests of Azerbaijan and further strengthening the positions of Baku in the world.

It is in this context that the results of the business visit of Ilham Aliyev to the United Arab Emirates, where, according to the official media, met Abu Dhabi with the President of the UAE, Ben Zaid Al-Nahayan, should evaluate the results of the business visit yesterday.

In the context of the Higher Navigation, the united Arab Emirates, being a temporary member of the UN Security Council, recently opposed the attempts of Armenia and France to conduct a security council in connection with the situation on the Rain-Hankendi resolution, condemning the actions of Azerbaijan.

In this case, not only the solidarity inherent in representatives of Muslim countries in international political and public institutions, but also the foreign policy concept of Aliyev, largely based on personal friendly relations with the leaders of the Arab world and, including with, with the leaders of the Arabic world, played a role. President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Ben Zaid al-Nahayan.

Recall that in early November 2022, President Aliyev, who was also the chairman of the non -alignment movement, was invited as an honorary guest to the traditional annual summit of the organization of Arab states, which took place in Algeria.

The performance of the President of Azerbaijan from the Tribune of the OAG summit, as well as his meetings of TET-A-TET with the leaders of the Arab world, were another step towards further rapprochement between Azerbaijan with Arabic states both in the framework of the organization of Islamic cooperation and in the format of other international structures. Which, in addition to indisputable political dividends, has opened up new opportunities for Azerbaijan to expand bilateral relations, and also created favorable conditions for attracting investment and implementation of a number of large business projects in Azerbaijan.

In this regard, it is appropriate to cite the Masdar company from the United Arab Emirates as an example, which recently began to build a power plant for wind energy in Azerbaijan. This large -scale project worth hundreds of millions of dollars launched a new stage in the use of alternative energy sources in Azerbaijan.

During a meeting with President Al-Nahayan Ilham Aliyev invited him to visit Baku. The head of the UAE gratefully accepted the invitation of the high Azerbaijani guest, while emphasizing that Azerbaijan for the United Arab Emirates is a friendly, fraternal country.

The current business visit of the President of Azerbaijan to Abu Dhabi is also important and the participation of the head of state in the UAE capital today, January 16, the international “Sustainable Development” (Sustainabilityweek).