Après un bon Tournoi des six nations, le XV de France ambitieux pour la Coupe du monde

Second of the tournament, behind Ireland, the Blues gave in their title on Saturday March 18. But the partners of Antoine Dupont believe in their ability to win the next World Cup in France, from September 8 to October 28.

By Clément MARTEL

Fabien Galkié began the year under the head full of a boar. Nothing surprising, when we know the appetite of the coach of the XV of France to praise the “Gallic” character of rugby practiced by his troops. In the room adjoining the municipal ground of Belvès, in Dordogne, where he had come “to train to train”, in early January, with the local team, before taking over the Blues for the Six Nations tournament, the technician Tricolor then sketched the roadmap for his year 2023: the Six Nations Tournament and the World Cup (September 8- October 28). “We want to defend this title [of the Six Nations, won in 2022]. Our goal has always been to win, to win competitions, to become a major nation of world rugby.”

Two months passed, and the French male rugby team had to consent to give in his crown. Large winners of Wales, Saturday March 18, at the Stade de France (41-28), in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), in conclusion of the 2023 edition of the tournament, the teammates of Antoine Dupont N ‘were able to prevent Ireland, which had beat them a few weeks before in Dublin, from making the Grand Slam.

Second of the competition, the French now have their eyes turned towards their next meeting. Friday, September 8, the Stade de France will welcome them again, for the kick-off of the World Cup organized in France, against New Zealand. With certainties – 80 % success in almost four years – and that of being able to do better, like a six -nations tournament first, before finishing in fireworks. “We started the halftone tournament, we did the best possible, estimated the French coach on Saturday. We try to be present and we improved, it’s good to feel an progression.” For He, the latter was initiated by the first stopping suffered by his team in almost two years, against the Irish in early February. 2> “The defeat in Ireland brought us a lot”

Because before the six nations, the team drawn by Fabien Galkié seemed to no longer know how to lose. Less sovereign in the fall than in early 2022, the French had struggled against Australia and had to work to beat the rough South African world champions. But, in both cases, as in the inaugural match of the 2023 tournament in Italy, they had finally left the stadium as winners. Unbeatable, then these bruises?

Landed to Dublin Forts from a series of fourteen Row victories -a record for the French team -, the partners of Antoine Dupont lost foot on the lawn of the XV of the clover (19-32). An all but ashamed setback after a high -flying match, the teammates of Jonathan Sexton having, for several years, a formidable crushing machine. But an important bite: recall and ego.

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