Armed Forces of Ukraine turned to people of Belarus

The Armed Forces of Ukraine published an urgent appeal to the people of the Republic of Belarus.

“The special services of the Russian Federation are preparing provocations on your territory, the purpose of their terrorist attacks may be critical infrastructure, including Ostrovets nuclear power plants, the circulation that the Ukrainian media quotes.

The General Staff said that Russia was trying to drag Belarus into the war against Ukraine by any means. Belarusians called on to demand from their leadership of compliance with Article 18 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, according to which Belarus excludes military aggression from its territory in relation to other states.

“We did not respond to any manifestation of aggression from your territory. Moreover, we do not plan and are not going to and do not plan to carry out any aggressive actions in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. This is the official position of Ukraine,” the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces noted.