Azərlotereya expands sales network

Azərlotereya, responding to the needs of Lotorius lovers, continues to expand the sales network in cooperation with the Integral EKSPRESS CJSC. As part of cooperation, instant lotteries of Azərlotereya OJSC will go on sale at new sales points.

New sales points will be available in 12 metropolitan network of Araz markets located at Tbilisi Prospekt-20, Absheron, Bakhykhanov, Govsan, Garachuhur, Masazyr, Sabunchi, Khirdalan, Bina, 8th microdistrict, Savalalan, Magedi.

Also, lottery sales were opened at the entrance of the Elmlya Academician metro station, Hallag Dostlug, Neftchielia and Hatai. In the near future, it is planned to open the lottery sales point at the entrance to the Inhaiatchylar metro station.

The winning “Jackpot” ticket of 101.119 AZN in the “6/40” circulation lottery, was purchased at the sale point at the entrance to the Elmlya Academy metro station.

Note that the instant lotteries of Azərlotereya OJSC “40.000.000 PUL Yağışı”, “Brilliant”, “5X”, “şans ulduzu”, “uğurlu 7” and “qızıl” can be purchased at all points of sales. Tyarage lottery ” Meqa 5/36, 6/40, 4+4 and Super Keno can only be purchased at points located near the metro stations.

In the near future, circulation lotteries can also be purchased at all sales points. Along with new centers, ticket sales will be continued at lottery sales points.