Baku: people were convicted

In the Baku court for serious crimes, a lawsuit in the criminal case of a 50-year-old resident Baku Elnara Zamanova, accused of trafficking in people, was completed.

According to haqqı, Elnara Zamanova deceived 35-year-old Sabina Muradova and 34-year-old Hatir Mammadova (the names and surnames of women were changed-approx. Ed), promising them good work abroad. By “good work” Muradova meant prostitution, since she sent women to Dubai and Turkey at different times – to provide men with sexual services.

Zamanova was charged under Article 144-1.2.1 of the Criminal Code (people’s trade, committed against two or more persons) with a notorious non-place.

The accused did not plead guilty. The woman said that she herself was engaged in prostitution in view of an unimportant financial condition. According to Zamanova, she met with the injured Sabina Muradova with the Khachmaz district, through Muradova – with Hatira Mamedova. The women made friends, and Muradov and Mamedov themselves expressed a desire to engage in prostitution. “Starting platform” they chosen Dubai.

“I said that I could not go there, I was previously deported. Then I thought that it was possible that the deportation period was over and you can check it. We went to Dubai together. There Khatira herself was engaged in prostitution under the supervision of one woman. I I stayed in Dubai for only three days and returned, ”the accused said.

The victim Sabina Muradova said that Zamanova offered her a good job – in a restaurant and a textile factory in the Turkish city of Kirschehir. The woman accepted the proposal, and upon arrival at the destination, Zamanova took her passport and announced that Muradova would have to engage in prostitution: “I had to agree. During the day, she brought me with several men, took the money and gave half to me. We returned together after a month with Elnara. She threatened me on the way. She told anyone not to talk about it. “

Nevertheless, about a year later the women again went to Turkey and stayed there for a month. All this time, Muradova again provided sex services for men under the supervision of Zamanova.

The other victim, Hatira Mammadova, said in her testimony that she met Zamanova in 2016 in Turkey. Zamanova invited the woman to go to Dubai to work – trade gold and, having received a positive answer, bought two tickets.

The victim said that Zamanova knew Arabic and English well: “Elnara, through a friend, rented a house in Dubai, and we lived there. He took my passport – supposedly for registration. The next day she came with clients and announced that I announced that I was what I I should have an intimate services. Since my passport was with her, I had to agree. Elnra took me to the hotel and forced me to meet with customers, but did not give money. I stayed there for about a month. “


It is curious that both victims informed the court – they made up with Zamanova and have no complaints about her.

by a court decision, Elnar Zamanov was sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison.