Billionaire Adani lost title of richest man Asia

Indian businessman Gautam Adani lost the title of the richest man asia according to Forbes after the sales of shares of the largest companies of the Adani Group conglomerate sharply reduced his condition.

On Wednesday, February 1, Adani Gautam sank in real-time rating of the Forbes billionaires in 15th place, its own capital experts now evaluate $ 75.1 billion. This is less than that of his opponent Mukush Ambani, Chairman of one of the largest Indian holdings Reliance Industries, whose condition is estimated at $ 83.7 billion

Bloomberg experts on the last day of January excluded Adani from the first tens of billionaires of the world. According to new data, Adani is now estimated at $ 72 billion, and Ambani at $ 81 billion according to Bloomberg estimates, for January Adani lost $ 36 billion, more than any other billionaire.

shares of companies included in the Adani Group conglomerate significantly submitted after five days of sales provoked by the publication of the report of the American company Hindenburg Research. According to Reuters, the capitalization of the holding companies decreased by a total of $ 84 billion. Before the publication of the Hindenburg Research report, Gautam Adani took 3rd place in the list of the richest people in the version of Forbes.

The American company Hindenburg Research published a report on January 24, which accused the Adani Group of financial violations and manipulation of the stock market. According to the company’s analysts, the report was the result of a two -year investigation. The ADANI Group rejected the accusations of Hindenburg Research, saying that the conclusions about manipulations with the shares “have no reason” and were made due to ignorance of Indian legislation. The holding noted that they provide all the necessary regulatory information to the regulatory authorities. Adani Group also published a 413-page refutation of the report of the American company.