Bord de l'” Adamant ” avec Nicolas Philibert et ses ” vedettes “

Thursday, March 16, the filmmaker, awarded the Berlinale gold bear, presented his documentary to the patients and caregivers whom he filmed for seven months in this day psychiatric center in Paris.

by Jacques Mandelbaum

It is obviously not every day that a documentary comes back from a large golden festival. This is what happens today, on the return of the Berlinale, to Nicolas Philibert and his film on the Adamant, who damined the pawn to more anticipated competitors. Philibert, filmmaker who cultivates disrespect and humility, is thus the man of all surprises, after the blow of trafficking and having in 2002, his documentary which had attracted more than a million spectators in the dining room .

It is not every day either that a jury president, in this case Kristen Stewart, is expressed as she did by handing over to the winner her reward, Saturday February 25: “For Thousands of years, we go around in circles to try to define what can be considered as art, which is authorized to do it, which determines its value. (…) This film that we have seen the reflection , the feeling, the sound and the image relating to these questions at a deep level, at a humanist level, which touched us all in the jury. It is the cinematographic proof of the vital necessity of human expression, And it is masterfully achieved. (…) The invisible parameters established by industry and academism absolutely do not hold the road to this film, this work, regardless of the name we give it. (…) This is why I am honored and upset to put the gold bear of this year to the Adamant and to all its producers. “

There is something beautiful and touching to see this 32 -year -old planetary icon paying such a tribute to a 72 -year -old French documentary manufacturer, happily dynamiting gender, generation or nationality partitions in the name of An idea of ​​cinema understood as spiritual art and common house. On the Adamant is, in fact, a magnificent and warm film, free and poetic, which itself decompartmentalizes the categories of normality and madness, resisting as long as it can determinisms and boxes, where a certain order Social is gaining people. 2>

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The Adamant is a day hospital for patients with mental disorders, an elegant wooden -shaped wooden building on the Seine, Quai de la Rapée, in Paris, since 2010. We have been practicing institutional psychiatry here , or a medicine based on rupture with aside confinement, on collective participation in initiatives and activities, on the deepening and humanization of relations between caregivers and patients. It will be noted that President Emmanuel Macron praised the film, which is nonetheless the perfect counterexample of a French psychiatry which seems to be abandoned by the public authorities.

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