British ship detained several ships secretly transporting missiles from Iran

The HMS Montrose Navy frigate earlier this year intercepted several ships in the Oman Gulf, on which Iran missiles and missile engines were transported, reports Associated Press (AP).

“This is the first time that the British ship intercepts ships with the load of such a modern weapon from Iran,” the agency quotes the British embassy in the UAE.

We are talking about missiles of the Earth-Athos and about engines, which, according to the British military, are installed on Iranian cruise missiles with a flight range of 1 thousand km. Earlier, Yemeni rebels used these missiles against Saudi Arabia.

The British side noted that rockets and other military cargoes were sent to Yemen.

According to AP, the detention of smuggled goods took place in January and February in international waters south of Iran. So, on January 28 and February 25, a helicopter, rising from the side of the British frigate, detected small high -speed vessels that were removed from the Iranian coast. Then the sea infantry of the Britain Navy stopped these vessels, searched and took the cargo. In February, the US missile destroyer contributed to the British operations.

In turn, the Iranian Permanent at the UN called Britain’s statements groundless and emphasized that Tehran never transported weapons and other military equipment to Yemen in violation of the UN arms embargo operating in relation to this country.

The armed conflict in Yemen has been going on since March 2014. The Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, supports the troops of the Yemenskiy President Abda Rabbo Mansur Hadi in their confrontation with the rebels-Hussites that control part of the country. In the West, they say that the rebels supports Iran.