Chez Volkswagen, des voitures électriques à moins de 25 000 euros, et même à moins de 20 000 euros

The automotive group presented the Id2all in Hamburg, which will be one of the most affordable electric vehicles in Europe, and intends to go further in terms of access to electromobility.

by Sophie Fay (Hamburg)

Volkswagen (VW) seems to want to reconnect with its DNA: the car for all. The German group presented, Wednesday, March 15 in Hamburg, an electric car at less than 25,000 euros, the ID2all, a product from its electric range (whose names of all vehicles begins with letters ID). At a press conference detailing the brand’s results for 2022, its managing director, Thomas Schäfer, said that this vehicle would probably be made from 2025 in Spain, probably in the Martorell factory, near Barcelona , where the Seat and Cupra models are also assembled, two other claws of the group, on a new modular platform which will reduce costs.

The choice of the Spanish factory would be partly explained by the SEAT speed loss. The volumes of the ID2all would come to take over from the productions of the Venerable Iberian brand, which would even be threatened to disappear. A reflection is underway on its future. If the success of the new little electric is there, it could also be assembled on the Navarra site, another Spanish factory, in Pamplona.

Thursday, March 16 will also be laid in Spain the foundation stone of the Sagunto battery plant, near Valence, the second Gigafactory of VW in Europe, after that of Salzgitter (Basse-Saxe). The local production of battery cells and its integration into the group must also allow Volkswagen to lower the cost price of electric vehicles.

The brand has also announced that it wanted to go further in accessibility, working on the development of another vehicle, less than 20,000 euros. Twenty thousand euros is the current price (before bonus) of the Dacia Spring, produced by the Renault group in China, which finished in February in the second row of electric car registrations in Europe. Thomas Schäfer, however, did not give other details on the project.

“as spacious as a golf course and as affordable as a polo”

Id2all, revealed Wednesday evening, “does not compromise on quality, security or excellence”, promises Thomas Schäfer. The vehicle will offer its users up to 450 kilometers of autonomy and a new design recalling that of the first golf course. He will offer a standard parking and driving assistant, a route planning system to plan the car recharging, a large touch screen and a magnetic phone and recharge system, by induction. ID2All wants to be “as spacious as a golf course and as affordable as a polo shirt”, assures the brand’s press release, referring to the two flagship models of the group.

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