Circle is closed: Europe returned to Russia again

Slovak plant Slovalco stops the production of aluminum due to high electricity prices. In the press release of Norsk Hydro, which belongs to the plant, it is said that its Slovak and European clients will be forced to import aluminum from Russia and China.

“Slovalco is a well -controlled and modern primary aluminum production plant capable of serving European customers with high -quality aluminum products. I regret that it was not possible to ensure the continuous operation of the main production at the factory,” said the head of the main production of HYDRO and the chairman of the Slovalco board of directors Ola Seter.

Slovalco General Milan, Milan said that the production stop will affect 300 plant employees and thousands of external employees. “Having stopped production, Europe will be forced to import aluminum from countries such as China or Russia,” he said.

Closing will be completed by October 2022.