Deputy of time of Nurullayev: “Official people robbed country and worked in name of their interests”

“The speed of creating a free economic zone in Alayata cannot satisfy us. When we finally open this zone, we will see that the market is captured by neighboring countries. In fact, the market is already captured. Turkmenistan, Iran and Kazakhstan or have already built marine Terminals or are already completing. And the creation of free economic zones means the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs and the inflow of billionth investments. ” According to his own Correspondent, this was announced during the discussion of amendments to the law “On the Free Economic Zone Alyat”, the deputy of the time of Nurullayev was announced.

The deputy has concluded that it has not yet been able to launch the work of the free economic zone of Alyat, as well as bring the country’s legislation to world standards.

“I remember, in the mid-90s we had a regional UN coordinator. I can not remember his name, but he was still knocked in the door of the cabinets of high-ranking officials, with the idea of ​​creating free economic zones. He said that these zones will allow Azerbaijan For 15-20 years to achieve the development of the United Arab Emirates. The UN representative warned that if we do not start this work, then all the money received from the sale of oil leaks from the country, and Azerbaijan will not be able to develop. He openly said that it did not allow to make corrupt Officials.

Then really many officials robbed the country and worked only to ensure their interests. They were busy with the fact that they were sold for a penny State Property and displayed money abroad. They were engaged in those who captured and privatized state lands. Now in the country can not find both lands of earth to build government objects. How could people who with such love and greed, were able to assume that Armenians captured 20% of our lands and held their three decades? “, Said the times of Nurullayev.

Deputy noted that to resolve issues related to free economic zones, Azerbaijan needs foreign experts.

“Let’s invite 200-300 foreign specialists and give them Azerbaijani citizenship. Enough to engage in self-deception. Everyone says they know how to work, but the result is zero,” he said.