Deputy: Pay normal salaries, and people will go to work

On paper, the share of the private sector in the GDP of Azerbaijan exceeds 75-80%, but in reality this is not manifested, said MP Fazil Mustafa at the meeting of Milli Majlis.

“The main problem with the growth of the State Social Protection Fund is associated with the inextricable of the private sector. If we eliminate this problem, I believe that this will help to form a more stable fund and make the payment of pensions and other social guarantees,” he said.

The deputy also indicated that the pension payments of persons who died before retirement are not paid to their families:

“How true is it? It is time to develop any mechanism. Most of these persons (who died before retirement) die due to the inappropriate level of the healthcare system in our country.

Fazil Mustafa in his speech also touched on the problems of unemployment in the country, urging the role of the private sector in the issue of employment: “The unemployed who are contacting us, we are sending to employment centers, they cannot help them either, since they offer some That is vague vacancies. People are not provided with work, and unemployment is growing. How can this mechanism be revived? This means that the idea to open jobs on the state line is already absurd. Workplaces can open a private sector, businessmen. We must give a way to entrepreneurs so that they open it up so that they open jobs, people did not suffer from unemployment. They say that people do not want to work. Everyone wants to work, open jobs, pay normal salaries, and everyone will go to work, ”he said.