Donald Trump affirme qu’il va être ” arrêté ” mardi et appelle ses partisans à manifester

Viewed in several judicial affairs but never charged, the former American president could see this threat materializing before the courts in New York, because of a payment in 2016 to a former porn star.

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“demonstrate, take back our nation!” In a message posted on Saturday March 18 on his social network Truth Social, Donald Trump assured that he was going to be “arrested” on Tuesday and called his supporters to demonstrations, before a possible A charges in a payment case in 2016 aimed at buying the silence of a pornographic actress with which he would have had an affair.

Evoking a “leak” of the prosecution of New York State prosecutors, for the district of Manhattan, the former American president wrote in capital letters: “The candidate of the Republican Party far ahead (his rivals to The primary, note) and former president of the United States of America will be arrested on Tuesday of next week. “

quoted in several judicial cases but never charged so far, Donald Trump could soon see this threat concretized before the courts in New York, because of the payment in 2016 of $ 130,000 to the pornographic actress Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford his real name) to buy her silence on an alleged relationship that she would have had with the billionaire.

Monday, Michael Cohen, former personal lawyer for Donald Trump and became one of his worst enemies, testified before a great jury in this investigation linked to a non-disclosure agreement. Arriving in court, the one who had delivered an explosive and overwhelming testimony to Donald Trump before a parliamentary commission in 2019, said that the candidate for the republican nomination should “be accountable for his junk”.

Michael Cohen had been sentenced, after pleading guilty, to three years in prison in particular for having orchestrated this payment in violation of laws on the financing of electoral campaigns. He assured that he had acted at the request of the former republican candidate, who would have reimbursed him when he arrived at the White House.

Criminal charges would be a first for a former president of the United States. This prospect is not to exclude in the file on the attempts of the Trump camp to modify in its favor the results of the presidential election in the state of Georgia in 2020, a great jury having recommended charges without revealing any Name.