En Inde, de nombreux opposants politiques dans le viseur du pouvoir

Since 2014, the year Narendra Modi has become Prime Minister, at least 124 leading politicians have been under investigation by the Central Investigation Bureau.

by Sophie Landrin (New Delhi, correspondent)

It is not good to be a political opponent in India. Delhi’s misappropriate number two are new proof. Manish Sisodia, 51, was arrested on February 26 by the Central Investigation Office (CBI), a government agency in charge of criminal investigations. The man was thrown into prison for an alleged scam on alcohol sales policy in the capital, promulgated in 2021. In support of his arrest, the investigators argued that the elected official had provided “evasive responses “During interrogations.

The elected official, who denies all irregularity, has resigned from all his functions. He held eighteen wallets, including education, which made him popular. Under his leadership, Delhi has invested massively in the construction and renovation of public schools.

Before a Delhi court on Saturday, March 4, Manish Sisodia, who asked for his liberation on bail, said the magistrates that the interrogations led by CBI agents lasted from eight to ten hours a day. “I am asked the same questions from morning to night, all day. In my eyes, it is mental harassment.” The court decided to extend its pre -trial detention.

media arrests and spectacular searches

Former journalist, he became the number two of AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP), the Party of the Ordinary Man, created in 2012 to fight corruption and led by Arvind Kejriwal, the chief of government of Delhi , of which he is the lieutenant. This young training conquered in 2015, the capital, New Delhi, 20 million inhabitants, crushing the two major traditional parties on the right and left and inflicting the Indian Prime Minister for his first electoral setback. Five years later, in 2020, Narendra Modi, at the end of a particularly aggressive campaign of the representatives of his party, had hoped to take over the capital but Arvind Kejriwal had easily won the votes of the inhabitants.

With its success, the latter decided to launch its party to conquer other states of India, in an attempt to establish itself as a major component of the opposition to Mr. Modi and put an end to The bipolarization of Indian policy, dominated by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the right and the party of the Congress on the left. In March 2022, he succeeded, to the general surprise, to win the state of Penjab, by defeating the formation of the Prime Minister.

Arvind Kejriwal suspects the BJP to want to sabotage the work of his government. “The alcohol scandal is an excuse, corruption is not the problem. The reason was to stop the good job of ministers,” he accused. In May 2022, he had already lost his Minister of Health, Satyendar Jain, arrested for alleged money laundering. The elected representative since in prison.

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