En Nouvelle-Zélande, TikTok interdit à la Chambre des représentants

According to similar decisions made in several countries in recent weeks, the New Zealand parliament has decided to prohibit the use of the application to its members.

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After the United States, Canada and European authorities, New Zealand in turn waged war in Tiktok. The country announced on Friday, March 17, its intention to ban the Chinese social network of the telephones of the members of the Parliament.

The prohibition will concern all devices with access to the parliamentary network, said Rafael Gonzalez-Montero, an official of the House of Representatives. It will take effect on March 31. The risks are “not acceptable in the current parliamentary environment in New Zealand,” said Gonzalez-Montero. “The decision was made on the basis of analyzes of our own experts, after a discussion with our colleagues in government and internationally,” he added.

a global trend launched in 2020

New Zealand thus follows the plunge in Canada, the United Kingdom and the Federal Agencies of the United States, which have already banished Tiktok from government apparatus due to concerns about data security. The European Commission and Parliament have also ordered to proscribe the application of video sharing of the devices of their employees.

This global anti-Tiktok movement started in India in 2020. The social network appeared in a list of prohibited applications after deadly clashes on the border with China, New Delhi then claiming to defend its sovereignty. The same year, ex-President Donald Trump accused the Chinese application of being a spy tool on behalf of Beijing.

Tiktok recognized that employees of his parent company, Bytedance, had accessed the information from American accounts, but has always denied transmitting this data to the authorities. The current President of the United States, Joe Biden, threatened to completely ban the application from the territory, if it does not separate from Bytedance.