Эр-Рияд: ядерная сделка с Ираном должна устранить озабоченности соседних стран

A nuclear agreement with Iran is necessary in terms of eliminating the concern of neighboring countries. This was stated on the air of Al Arabiya, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Faysal bin Ferkhan.

According to him, a nuclear agreement with Iran is not perfect, but should eliminate the concern of neighboring countries. “We are open for dialogue with Tehran,” said the Foreign Minister of the Saudi Kingdom.

In addition, Bin Ferkhan touched on the theme of Syria, around which, according to him, an unacceptable situation has developed.

According to him, a certain consensus has developed in relation to Syria, and negotiations are underway to return this country to the Arab world. “However, it’s too early to talk about it,” said the Foreign Minister.

Commenting on interaction with Washington and Beijing, Ferkhan said that very good connections have been established between the United States and Saudi Arabia. “China, in turn, is one of the largest commercial allies of Er -Riyada,” added a diplomat.