Эрдоган: Черноморский газ вскоре начнет поступать в ГТС Турции

Turkey is moving an accelerated pace along the path of becoming a gas hub.

This is the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday, on March 19 at the opening of the carbide boron production plant in the Bangyurm region of the Balykesir province.

The head of state noted that contrary to delays in connection with the work to eliminate the consequences of February earthquakes, Black Sea gas will soon begin to arrive in the Turkish GTS.

“We will not allow any obstacles to any political calculations to prevent Turkey to achieve the goals scheduled for the 100th anniversary of the republic,” the president said.

Turkey is preparing to enter the top ten leading countries in the development of electricity on the basis of renewable renewals, Erdogan added.