Евросоюз утвердил продление санкций против России

The European Union introduced its decision on the next half -year extension of the anti -Russian sanctions list.

The corresponding resolution of the EU Council was published on Tuesday in the “Official Journal of the European Union”.

“Due to the ongoing actions that undermine the territorial integrity, the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine and threaten them, the decision [on sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities] should be extended for another six months,” the document says.

According to TASS, the deceased so -called Deputy Governor of the Annexed Kherson Region of Ukraine Kirill Stremiosov, as well as the dead State Duma deputy Nikolai Petrunin and the head of Komsomolskaya Pravda Nikolai Sungorkin.

The EU began to form a black list for Russia in March 2014, extending it for six months every six months. All defendants in this list are prohibited from entering the territory of the community, their financial assets in the EU are subject to freezing, and European business is forbidden to maintain any contacts with them.