Fabien Roussel, des ” jours heureux ” au parfum de règlement de comptes avec Jean-Luc Mélenchon

In a book published this week, the National Secretary of the Communist Party takes stock of the presidential and legislative elections, which he deems severe for rebellious France, and traces his tracks for the future.

by Julie Carriat

The title is frankly optimistic, happy days are before us; The content, slightly darker. The national secretary of the French Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, promotes his latest book, released this week at Éditions du Cherche-Midi (160 pages, 14.90 euros), with a certain Dolorism. In front of the brick chimney of his house in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (North), in a double page photo in Paris Match, he encloses his wife, his eyes vague. And confesses to the magazine “A subject which [] hurts”, the search of his home in December 2022 following an article of Mediapart , in February 2022, reporting suspicion of fictitious employment towards him.

In his book, he is not far from explicitly designating the “rebellious” as managers of these denunciations, described as “false”. “Stop now? The temptation does not even get down to me. It is however the manifest goal of this article and its initiators. Those who accuse me are political adversaries,” writes Mr. Roussel.

Since at least the first round of the presidential election, a persistent resentment between the leadership of the Communist Party (PCF) and that of rebellious France (LFI) has settled. As summarized by the LFI deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis Raquel Garrido, who regrets this “fratricidal war”, “Roussel generally pays the suspicion of having lost Mélenchon”. It is in particular against this idea that the communist takes the pen. The 400,000 votes that missed the LFI candidate to access the second round are not his fact, he pleads. “It is I who should complain about the role of polls in the days preceding the vote, the reversal of voters,” useful vote “!”

“construction in pain” of the cloud

The electoral lessons of 2022 never stop muddy communists and “rebellious”. Fabien Roussel, a bit like the deputy LFI of the Somme François Ruffin did it after the legislative elections, does not lack anecdotes to illustrate the rejection of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in his constituency: Home help who confides preferred Marine Le Pen to the latter to the sympathizer launching, at the beginning of a meeting for the legislative elections, “since you allied yourself with Mélenchon, we will not vote for you”.

“To bring a party to life is to accept that there are differences and disagreements”, “as often with us, everything started from a collective discussion”: difficult to identify all the phrases of the book which can be read as hollow criticism of the functioning of LFI. Fabien Roussel marks his difference in substance, as about nuclear, “a future sector”, or his attachment to political parties. And especially on work, a flagship subject, because he persists in the path drawn up in September 2022 with his criticisms of the “left of the Allocs” and says he wishes quality jobs, worthy wages and a society “rid of the income from substitution substitution “. His promise? It is summarized in conclusion in a sentence from Jaurès: “redo the dignity of the working class the richness of the nation”.

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