Favorable campaign from bank Republic: Double earnings when returning VAT

New Neokart card, which in a short period of time has already gave its owners large amounts of cachek, a large number of flight miles, minutes of conversation, mobile Internet and high interest rates on the balance of the amount on the map, created another opportunity for its customers on the eve of the new years.

So, in the framework of a favorable campaign of the Bank, the republic, the return of VAT “ədv geri al” will be more profitable for those who pay from Neokart. For this, the owners of Neokart need to either scan the QR code of the check received when purchasing, or enter the fiscal code using the mobile application “Mobil şöbə” of the Republic of the Republic. The amount of the check will be added to the client’s neobonus balance sheet in the appropriate amount in 1 day after it is reflected in the current balance sheet “əDV GERI AL”.

Thus, within the framework of the campaign, which will be held until December 31, when the owners of Neokart scan checks through the Mobil şöbə application and add them to their account “ədv geri al”, they will get both the amount from the return of VAT and Bonuses in the amount of the amount from the return of VAT. Also, the owners of Neokart when paying through POS terminals anywhere in the world or online shopping will receive NeoBonuses from the Bank of the Republic.

In addition, Neokart owners will be able to win cash prizes, smartphones, tablets and Toyota RAV4 Low 2.5l Hybrid, taking part in a new lottery launched by the Republic of the Republic.

If you want to get into the number of winners, without losing time, order Neokart, and earn cachek anywhere and occasionally with cashless calculation!

You can order Neokart online on the official website, Facebook page Bank, as well as using the Chat-Bot service in WhatsApp, By sending the word “Neokart” to the number 051 4 144 144.