For first time in Azerbaijan: production of underwater cables has begun

STP group of companies successfully continues the process of transformation and improvement. As a result of studies conducted by STP Global Cable, which is part of a group of companies, a decision was made on the need to produce new products. In this regard, in Azerbaijan, the production of cables used in underwater spaces was first begun.

The 6KV 3 x 95 sq. Mm.

cable will initially be produced.

It should be noted that at an enterprise with an annual production capacity of 120 thousand tons it is possible to produce more than 28 thousand types of cables and wires used for various purposes in everyday life and industry. The company is the only manufacturer of fiber -optic and cables of 110 kV in Azerbaijan. Currently, the enterprise has about 70 lines for the production of copper and aluminum electrotechnical rollers, medium, high and ultra -high voltage power cables up to 6 ÷ 500 kV, low -voltage cables, air lines, as well as telephone and LAN cables.

products manufactured by the enterprise (mainly power cables up to 35 kV and air lines wires) is widely used in the restoration of construction work in the liberated territories.