Georgia: examination began due to possible poisoning of Saakashvili

The Georgian Ministry of Justice instructed the National Bureau of forensic examination to study the state of health of the former president of the country Mikhail Saakashvili and establish whether it could be poisoned. This was announced to reporters by the deputy head of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia Bek Dzamashvili, the Georgian media write.

“Saakashvili himself made a statement that he had never had suspicions of poisoning. In order to completely dispel the suspicions, we appointed an examination. The ministry did everything that we could have appointed an examination, and only after its results it will be possible to perform with additional comments, ”he said.

Beka Dzamashvili emphasized that, according to Georgian law, a person convicted in Georgia can serve his sentence only in the republic. Therefore, the decision to transfer or delay the execution of the sentence of Mikhail Saakashvili will be taken by the court.

The Ministry of Justice will obey any court decision. The Ministry of Justice will not be able to arbitrarily send one or another person for treatment abroad.

On November 19, the lawyer of the former Georgian leader Valery Gelbahiani, as well as the mother of ex-president Giuli Alasania, reported his possible poisoning with heavy metals, possibly mercury. According to them, this is proved by the medical conclusion of the non -governmental organization “Empathy”, which has not yet been published and is being prepared to provide foreign experts. Later, Mikhail Saakashvili himself wrote that he had never told his lawyers that he had suspicions of poisoning.