Глава UHK: “Зерновой коридор” важен для продовольственной безопасности

“Grain corridor” makes an important contribution to ensuring global food security. The head of the National Council of Grain of Turkey (UHK) Ozkan Tashpinar.

said “Anadolu”.

He recalled that with the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in February 2022, the situation in global food markets has deteriorated, since both of these countries are large suppliers of many types of agricultural products.

as part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, concluded on July 22, 2022, with the mediation of Turkey and the UN, 24 million tons of agricultural products were exported from the ports of Ukraine.

40 percent of agricultural products transported through the “grain corridor” entered the ports of European states, 30 percent to Asian countries, 13 percent to Turkey, 12 percent to Africa countries, and 5 percent to the Middle East.