Глава временного правительства: Оппозиция Сирии выступает за переходный процесс

The Syrian opposition advocates a comprehensive settlement of the conflict in the country, which involves a transitional political process.

The head of the Provisional Government of Syria Abdurrahman Mustafa answered the questions of “Anadol” on the 12th anniversary of the beginning of the conflict in the Arab Republic.

According to him, representatives of the opposition expect that the Assad regime will be put pressure so that Damascus will fulfill the efforts of resolutions on political settlement in Syria.

Mustafa noted that the opposition realizes that the Assad regime does not strive for the political settlement of the conflict in the country. “We participate in these negotiations in order to show the international community that the regime does not want to become part of any political decision. We advocate a comprehensive decision based on the transitional political process,” the head of the Provisional Government said.


He recalled that the desired progress could not be achieved at meetings of the Constitutional Committee of Syria under the auspices of the UN in Geneva. “The delegation of the Assad regime is no longer involved in the work of the Constitutional Committee due to the position of the Russian Federation, which, if possible, is looking for an excuse to undermine political settlement,” said Mustafa.

Russia previously opposed negotiations on Syria in Geneva, accusing Switzerland of the loss of the status of a “neutral site”.

Today, Moscow uses Syrian themes as a bargaining coin in a conflict with Ukraine, the head of the Provisional Government of the Arab Republic is sure. In his opinion, just as the Russian side is considering the topic of Iran.

Mustafa further attracted attention to the consequences of earthquakes with epicenters in Kamhramanmarash, which caused great destruction in the north-west of Syria, aggravating the position of peaceful Syrians.

According to him, help from the UN for the victims as a result of the earthquake came late. “It is a pity that international humanitarian assistance to the regions to the regions in the north-west of the country has become a topic for” political blackmail “. Our people were already abandoned to the mercy of fate from the world community, and after the disaster the same thing happened,”- He said.

the UN should fulfill the obligations to ensure the protection and assistance of the Syrian people, Mustafa said, recalling that the assistant to the UN Secretary General of Humanitarian Assistance, the assistant to Syria, also admitted.