Hackers sell data from a billion people for bitcoins

Anonymous hacker with a nickname Chinadan published at the Breach Forum hacker forum a proposal to sell more than 23 TB data for 10 bitcoins, reports Gazeta.ru

According to the hacker, the database contains information about a billion of China citizens.

Chinadan claims to receive personal data from the Shanghai National Police base. The leak contains a name, address, place of birth, passport numbers, mobile phone number and all information about the crimes of China citizens.

At present, it is not known whether the database that Chinadan sells is genuine. The Chinese government and the police of Shanghai did not comment on the leak. It is noted that the discussion of hacking in the Chinese social network Weibo led to the fact that the censors blocked the term “data leakage” in the service.

The fact of leakage was also confirmed by the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange of Binance Zhao Chanpen, who wrote on Twitter that the company recorded the data of a billion citizens of a “Asian country”.