Ибрагим Калын в Вашингтоне встретился с Джейком Салливаном и Викторией Нуланд

As part of his visit to Washington, Presidential press secretary Ibrahim Kalin met with the White Security Council for National Security Jake Sullivan and Deputy Secretary of State for Political Issues Victoria Nuland.

The press service says that the meetings held in the White House and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs included “bilateral political and economic relations, earthquakes in Turkey, cooperation in the defense industry, energy security, the fight against terrorism, membership of the Swedish process and Finland in NATO, the war of Russia against Ukraine, the South Caucasus and the negotiation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

“During the meetings, the support of the United States and the international community during the earthquake and the solidarity they showed was expressed. It was noted that Turkey continues its efforts on the speedy restoration and reconstruction of the earthquake zone”.

D of the negotiations emphasized the strategic measurement of Turkish-American relations and noted that the importance of continuing the cooperation of the two union countries on global and regional issues based on mutual respect and interest.

The statement states that steps are emphasized that contribute to the achievement of bilateral trade to a target of $ 100 billion:

“The emphasis was made to deepen the scale of cooperation in the defense industry without any preliminary conditions.”

The document notes that Turkey, in principle, supports the NATO open -door policy and fulfill the obligations of Sweden and Finland within the framework of a tripartite agreement will accelerate the process.

The parties expressed the opinion that the continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian war exacerbates regional and global instability. Kalyn emphasized that Turkey will continue its diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully.

The statement noted the role of Turkey in the extension of the agreement on grain supply.

emphasizes that “Turkey will continue the decisive struggle against all terrorist organizations, including PKK/PYD/YPG, Deash and Feto”.