Ilham Aliyev: “Azerbaijani people will return to captured Zangezor after 101 year”

“Creating a Zangezo Corridor fully meets our national, historical and future interests. We will fulfill the task of implementing a Zangezur corridor, wants that Armenia or not,” said President Ilham Aliyev today in an interview with Azerbaijani television, AzerTaj report


“If Armenia wants, it can be solved simply, if he does not want – we will solve it by force. I spoke before the war and during the war, that they should get out of our land at a good wax, otherwise we will throw them out. So it happened . The same will be with the Zangezur corridor.

Our main competitor is time. Because the gasket of the railway, car highway takes time. Therefore, all forces are mobilized to implement this project. Thus, the Azerbaijani people will return to the captured Zangezor after 101, “said the head of state.