Ilham Aliyev: We discussed discovery of Zangesur corridor with Russia. Iran will not block, Armenia is not able to do this

The Zangesur corridor is not directed against someone, it will bring good to all interested parties, President Ilham Aliyev said at the International Conference “Along the Middle Corridor: Geopolitics, Security and Economics”.

“We discussed the Zangezur corridor during my last conversation with Russian officials. I do not think that Armenia is able to block this corridor. As for Iran, I believe that he will not do this either, given his interest in regional communication projects. These are these. Projects are not directed against anyone, but, on the contrary, only for the good of all interested parties, ”the head of state said.

The President also noted that stability has been prevailing in Azerbaijan for many years, and this is one of the main factors of economic development. “A strong economy, political and economic stability, the predicted government policy, as well as close ties with many states – all these factors contributed to the creation of current realities,” the head of state said.