In Russia, they consider it hostile to Greece plans to send S-300 to Ukraine

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, called “Greece’s leadership plans” frankly hostile to Russia “, to transfer to Ukraine the anti-aircraft missile systems (air defense systems) S-300PMU-1, provided that the additional number of American complexes are replaced by the replacement of an additional number of American complexes Air defense Patriot.

The relevant application is published on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“We consider provocative plans for the supply of the Kyiv regime of the S -300 and other Russian/Soviet air defense systems frankly hostile to Russia,” the statement says.

According to M. Zakharov, in this case, “the opinion of Greek citizens is ignored, 70% of which, according to public opinion polls, oppose the pumping up of Ukraine with weapons”.

She also noted that Greece can “grossly violate” the provisions of Russian-Greek interdumptions on military-technical cooperation of October 30, 1995 and on the supply of military products of December 3, 2013, which prohibit the Athens of the Roexport of military equipment delivered by Russia of military equipment of the third side without the consent of Moscow.

According to M. Zakharov, “the violation of contractual obligations will inevitably have consequences, not to mention the significant weakening of the defense capacity of Greece in the field of air defense.”

She also warned that “all military equipment directed to Kyiv will be traveled and destroyed by the Russian Armed Forces.”