Iran launches largest oil field and doubles export

In Iran, they plan to launch the largest Azadegan oil field in the country and double the export of oil to meet demand. This was stated by the managing director of the National Oil Company National Oil Company Moschen Khojastchmer.

It is noted that potentially Iran can replace Europe from Russia from Russia by sea.

Rosbalt publication, citing Bloomberg, reports that the company intends to sign agreements with banks on financing the development of the field. Its reserves are estimated at 32 billion barrels. At the same time, all reserves of Russia are estimated at about 100 billion barrels, and cost -effective, according to the Ministry of Energy, about 33 billion

Iran supplies about 1 million barrels per day to the world market, but already in 2023 it is going to increase the volume to 1.4 million barrels. According to Khojastchmer, volumes can be doubled.