Iran: pourquoi des centaines de jeunes filles sont-elles empoisonnées au gaz ?

Video after a first case in November 2022, gas poisonings have multiplied in Iran since the beginning of March. They mainly concern young girls, college and high school students.

by Delphine Bernard-Bruls

Have the Iranian authorities fomeno a “revenge” against the young girls who have taken part in the protest that has animated the country for several months by poisoning them? This is what many parents think including girls, college and high school students.

Hundreds of cases of gas attacks, “whose nature is not known at present,” said Ghazal Golshiri, journalist in the world, were listed at the beginning of March. Symptoms, although mild, are intense: they go from nausea to dizzy and can even lead to “partial paralysis”.

The supreme guide of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei, said on Monday, March 6, that these attacks constituted “an unforgivable crime” which would be “seriously prosecuted”.

However, specifies our journalist specializing in the region, the authorities are “complacent or even accomplices” because they could easily identify the authors.