Иран заявил о создании “гиперзвуковой баллистической ракеты”

Iran announced the creation of a “hypersonic ballistic missile” capable of destroying moving sea vehicles and fly 8 times faster than sound speed.

As the Iranian news agency FARS reports, General Muhammad Bakyri, head of the General Staff of the Iran of Iran, announced this at the event in Tehran.

The general noted that the test tests of the rocket were successful.

Iran has become one of the three countries with similar missiles, he said.

Bakiri claims that the speed of the ballistic missile is 8 sides (8 times more sound speed), and its range is 1,500 kilometers.

The presence of such a rocket in the arsenal will create a security zone in the seas around the country with a radius up to a thousand kilometers, the head of the Iranian General Staff of the Armed Forces.

At the same time, Bakyri did not cite information about when and where the test tests of the rockets went.

On November 10, 2022, the commander of the Air Force of the Corps of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, General Emir Ali Hajizade said that Iran developed a new ballistic missile.

hypersonic weapons – a missile weapon capable of flying in an atmosphere with hypersonic speed (larger or equal to 5 m or 6000 km/h or 1.6 km/s) and maneuver using aerodynamic forces. They cannot intercept the air defense means.