Иран заявил о завершении сделки по закупке истребителей Су-35 у РФ

Iran announced the completion of the procurement procedure for Russian fighters Sukhoi-35 (Su-35). This was reported by Iranian state television with reference to the permanent representation of Iran at the UN.

“After the end of the Iraq -Iraq war in 1988, Iran asked a number of countries to study the possibility of selling Iran of fighters, and Russia gave a positive response to this request,” the medical examination said in a statement.

The Iranian mission noted that after the UN removal of the embargo for the supply of weapons to Iran in October 2020, attempts were made to purchase Su-35 aircraft, and, “finally, this procedure was completed.”

Iran’s Permanent report when a contract was concluded and how many fighters will be delivered from the Russian Federation.

According to the Iranian media, at the first stage we are talking about 24 fighters.