Is Russia preparing for new large-scale blow to Ukraine?

Russia may be prepared for a new massive missile impact: one of the main military airfields “Engels -2” near Saratov – in a state of increased readiness. This is evidenced by satellite images from Maxar Technologies and Planet Labs, which show almost two dozen Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bombers, Russian and Ukrainian media write.

At the airfield, you can consider fuel supplyers, ammunition boxes, vehicles. As noted by military analysts Arda Mevlyutoglu and Conrad Music, ground staff at the base is very active.

In addition, many large military transport aircraft are placed on the runway. Tails for transporting cruise missiles X-55 or X-101.

are also visible

Military intelligence of the British Ministry of Defense believes that the massive blows that Russia from October 10 inflicts on the energy network of Ukraine, the concepts of a strategic operation to destroy critical goals that are in the Russian military doctrine are responsible. Russia suggested that this concept would include the use of large -range missiles to strike at critical infrastructure, and not on armed forces. Its task is to demoralize the population and, ultimately, force the country’s leaders to surrender, according to the British department.