Israel forbade Germany to supply Spike missiles to Ukraine

Israel rejected the US request and did not allow Berlin to supply Ukraine with anti -tank missiles produced in Germany with Israeli technologies and under the Israeli license, the Axios portal with reference to American and Israeli officials.

The message notes that the senior leader from the Israeli Ministry of Defense Amir Eshel met in Washington with the Deputy Minister of Defense of the United States on politics Colin Kalem to discuss cooperation in the field of security between countries.

“Kal asked Eshel whether Israel would give permission to Berlin to transfer the Spike anti -tank missiles to Ukraine, which are produced at the Israeli factory in Germany. According to the license, Israel must approve of any transfer of these missiles to a third party,” the sources told the portal. P>

According to them, Eshel rejected the request, saying that “Israel will supply to Ukraine only non -lethal military equipment.”

The Israeli source explained to the portal that the supply of Ukraine such missiles “could lead to the fact that Russia will damage Israeli security interests in Syria.”