Israel is preparing for a full -scale war with Iran

The Israeli Defense Army (IDF) for the first time conducts exercises to conduct a full -scale military operation against Iran and its allies, writes Maariv.

, in the framework of the exercises “Fiery chariots”, the IDF will prepare for an attack on Iran. All units that can be involved in the case of tension in the northern part of Israel will take part in the maneuvers.

In particular, in the IDF they are preparing for the fact that the territory of Israel may be shelling from Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

Simultaneously with the maneuvers conducted by the IDF, the Minister of Defense of Israel Beni Ganz will fly to the United States on May 18, where he will hold a series of meetings designed to tighten the American position to Tehran.

As the publication of Israeli News writes, earlier GANC said that Iran is now setting a thousand new centrifugs at its nuclear facilities.