Китай запустил спутник наблюдения Земли “Gaofin-13 02”

China launched into space an optical satellite of the Earth’s observation of high resolution “Gaofin-13 02”.

According to the Sinhua agency, the satellite was launched from the Sichan cosmodrome in the province of Sichuan on the Long March 3b Rocket Board.

After the launch, the satellite took the planned orbital position.

launch was the 468th successful transport mission with Long march missiles.

The main areas of use of the satellite are land management, assessment of agricultural crops, environmental management, meteorological early warning and forecasting, as well as a comprehensive prevention of natural disasters and mitigating their consequences.

The first satellite Gaofen-13 was launched in October 2020, also using the Long March 3b rocket.

At present, 32 Gaofin class satellites are active in orbit.