Le bataillon Bratstvo, des volontaires ukrainiens derrière les lignes russes

The Ukrainian commando conducts sabotage missions in the occupied zone and on the soil of Russia.

by Thomas d’Istria (Kiev (Ukraine), sent special)

The two men sitting in a cafe in downtown Kiev are like sabotage and diversion operations they lead behind the enemy lines: discreet and reflected. Mykola and Petro, pseudonyms, are part of the Brattalion Brastvo (“fraternity”, in Ukrainian), a group of volunteers made up in unit of special forces since the start of the Russian invasion and whose specialty is to operate in the territories occupied Ukrainians and on the soil of the Russian Federation.

Military training is made up of veterans of the Donbass war and new recruits having no military experience, like Petro, a young man with a dry face bearing a civilian outfit. “We select people who have creative spirits, people who are able to do the job,” explains Mykola, bearded with fine features, met on Wednesday March 8.