Le cyclone Freddy revient frapper Madagascar, faisant quatre morts

More than 15,000 people have been affected and nearly 11,000 moved by the return of strong winds and strong precipitation, according to a very rare “loop” trajectory.

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The tropical cyclone Freddy killed two children and two women returning to sweep Madagascar, where he had already died at the end of February, the authorities said on Monday, March 6. A 1 year old child died in the collapse of a house under the effect of strong winds and strong precipitation that fell on the southwest of the island. Another 2 -year -old child was killed in unrecognized circumstances, as well as two women aged 50 and 53. This assessment brings eleven the number of people killed by the cyclone since he hit the island, the first time in February, before touching the Mozambican coasts. According to forecasts, he should also come back to sweep the Mozambique this week.

“This loop trajectory is very rare,” said Rivo Randrianarison, head of forecasts to the management of Météo Madagascar. You have to go back to the year 1998 to find a similar phenomenon, observed at the time with a tropical storm, he added. A dozen storms or cyclones cross the southwest of the Indian Ocean each year during the cyclonic season, which extends from November to April. “The main risks for today are rainfall and therefore floods, rivers floods and landslides throughout the western, southwest and extreme south part of the island,” said Mr. Randrianarison.

More than 15,000 people have been assigned and nearly 11,000 moved by Freddy’s return, according to the National Risk Management Bureau. More than 600 dwellings have been destroyed, he added. The Cyclone was located on Monday afternoon about 130 km southwest of the Toliara coastal locality, with winds up to 125 km/h. He must strengthen himself by heading towards Mozambique, which he must reach on Friday.