” Le monde plus que jamais besoin d’une prorogation de l’initiative céréalière de la mer Noire “

For the past three years, the number of people faced with acute food insecurity – characterized by the impossibility of regularly accessing sufficient nourishing foods – has almost tripled, going from 135 million before the Pandemic of Cavid -19 to Plus 350 million today . Six countries around the world are in a famine.

One of the factors of this terrifying development of hunger in the world lies in the price of foodstuffs, which is today about 30 % to that before the pandemic. Coming further worsening the situation, climate change and war in Ukraine came to exhaust the resources of countries and households, increasing poverty and vulnerability in the world at a rate never seen in the twentieth .

The currencies of the depreciated southern countries 2>

Two factors aggravate this crisis in developing countries: the depreciation of currencies, the growing cost of fertilizers and their scarcity.