Le plafonnement à venir de l’intérim médical à l’hôpital suscite des inquiétudes

The government wants to apply, from April 3, a maximum rate for the employment of temporary workers. In some public establishments, we fear a desertion of these professionals necessary for the smooth running of the services.

by Mattea Battaglia

Will we go to the “showdown”? To the balance of power between hospital departments and temporary doctors? The question resonates in many public hospitals, three weeks before the entry into force, on April 3, of the law on the strict cap of medical interim. Hospitals where, on average, some 30 % of hospital practitioners are vacant, according to the commonly advanced estimate, and where a steering wheel comes, on demand, overcome the gaps.

These temporary workers are “at least 5,000”, we figure in the union ranks, especially in the specialties “at work 24 hours a day”-emergencies, obstetrics, anesthesia, anesthesia, anesthesia, anesthesia, anesthesia, anesthesia, Pediatrics … “at least 10,000”, it is said on the side of the National Union of Hospital Replacement Doctors (SNMRH), which represents them.

The new salary ceiling is set at 1,170 euros gross for a mission of twenty-four hours. New, in practice only: it was engraved in the marble of the Touraine law, in 2016, and reinforced by the Rist law which established controls, in 2021. But never applied, so far, not to increase the Pressure on hospitals struggling with the epidemic of COVID-19.

This amount could evolve “a little upwards”, by April 3, we said to the Ministry of Health. But after this period, any hospital that would use a temporary worker at higher prices would be blocked by the public accountant. And the establishments fear that temporary workers are missing, if they consider that the account is no longer there, putting the general balance, already precarious, in danger.

“Multi -wrist mercenaries”

shortage of personnel obliges, the prices in force are today higher: between 1,200 and 2,000 euros on the custody, “it is the range in which 80 % of the temporary offers are written that are Make, in net, “reports the emergency room Eric Reboli, president of the SNMRH, himself an temporary worker. Sometimes, when it comes to Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, the amounts offered can exceed 2,000 or even 3,000 euros. Even more: the ministry reports a “record guard” of 6,000 euros, spotted at Christmas. This is much more than a young hospital practitioner (PH) in a month. Or a nurse in two or three months.

An “escalation” to which the Minister of Health, François Braun, intends to put an end: “I am not opposed to temporary work in general, but to the practices of certain multi -wrist mercenaries, who sell to the most “.

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