Le présentateur star Gary Lineker réintégré à la BBC, c’est peut-être un détail pour vous…

This man is called Gary Lineker. Former football champion and star host of the famous program “Match of the Day” on the BBC, since 1999, he has just put England on fire and blood. In question, a tweet condemning a project of antimigrant reform of the Conservative government. “It is an incredibly cruel measure against the most vulnerable people, in a language which is reminiscent of that used by Germany in the 1930s …”, he wrote. Scandal. Suspension. Psychodrama. Then reintegration.

in the navy

What team to support? That of the progress castigating the lack of reserve of an ungrateful employee of public television or that of the pro-Lineker praising the moral sense and the righteousness of the latter? With the cowardice that characterizes us, we will be content to greet here the meaning of the style of the former footballer. It is not common to see a public personality bearing the marine costume so well. In France, in any case, most of those who parade in the news and on our screens shine, shoot, tighten, mold, strap, yawn …

cup at the house

Concretely, the costume two buttons of Gary Lineker is not particularly magical, but it is characterized by a generous reverse, an elegant notch and a precise shoulder. A bit too narrow at the waist, which explains the few folds in the buttoning, it is probably made in a flannel or a mixture of wool and cashmere. The costume in question is also accompanied by a white poplin shirt whose collar is long enough to judiciously come under the collar of the jacket. What nobody, with us, seems capable of doing.

national defense

Let’s continue a little, since Gary Lineker also seems to master the art of tie to perfection. This silk model appears with the best taste. To be honest, it takes on a particular meaning in the context. While many criticize Gary Lineker his disloyalty to the authorities of his country, the player can retort that he is carrying an English obedience tie. The orientation of the stripes (descendants, from left to right) corresponds to the British tradition when the opposite orientation refers to an inheritance, it, typically American.

beautiful game

What to conclude from this extensive analysis of the neat toilet of Gary Lineker? That the average dress culture of English is infinitely higher than that of the French? The thesis is attractive, but, in the land of the awful Boris Johnson, let us dare another explanation: exceptional player, never warned over the sixteen years of career on the ground, known for left -wing commitments which pushed him to welcome Two migrants at home for several months, would Gary Lineker be a chic guy? It is not impossible.