L’équipage d’un vol SpaceX de retour sur Terre après cinq mois sur l’ISS

The International Space Station has become one of the last areas in which Washington and Moscow continue to cooperate despite the war in Ukraine.

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The crew of the CREW-5 mission sent to space by a SpaceX rocket on behalf of NASA returned to Earth on Saturday, after a five-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

The Amerri endurance capsule in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after 9 p.m. local time (3 am in Paris) off the west coast of Florida, with Japanese Koichi Wakata on board, Russian Anna Kikina, as well as Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada de la Nasa.

Crew-5, launched from Cap Canaveral (Florida) in October, was the fifth spatial mission of Koichi Wakata and the first of the other members. Nicole Mann has become the first Amerindian sent to space. Before leaving the ISS, the crew met that of Crew-6, left the 1 er Mars to take over.

Less than a week earlier, a Russian Russian Soyuz rocket had taken off from Kazakhstan to replace the MS-22, also Russian, was damaged during its mooring at ISS.

The three astronauts of MS-22, an American and two Russians, were initially returning to Earth at the end of March, after a six-month mission, but they will finally remain there almost a year .

Cooperation on the ISS is the last area where Washington and Moscow have continued to work together since the start of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, February 24.