Лукашенко: Беларусь не удалось сломить ни экономически, ни политически

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that no one was able to and would not be able to break Belarus either economically or politically.

The politician announced this at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on the results of the economy for 2022 and solving urgent problems of socio-economic development in 2023, BelTA reports.

“We lived with you not easy 2022., As you know, we tried to put pressure in all directions. Key export industries, 40 percent of our traditional sales markets, transport and logistics corridors, banking systems, a system of banking settlements,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

The Head of State believes that this is not just “a desire to paralyze the Belarusian economy, but a systematic attempt to deprive ordinary people of means of existence.”

“As a result – to cause a social explosion that would raise the question of whether a state as ours will remain on the political map of the world. As before, I declare with all responsibility: it will remain. And it will be stronger. Neither economically, nor Politically, no one will manage to break us, as it has not been possible so far, ”said the Belarusian leader.

Lukashenko said that China for Belarus today is a support point in the entire huge Asian region.

According to him, for Belarus in the Chinese market, the task is not only to increase the flows, but also to take technologies, to create advanced production.

“The Chinese readiness for cooperation is colossal. According to the results of a recent visit to Beijing, about 40 contracts are concluded by more than $ 3.5 billion. Now we must not miss the time due to endless study and coordinations. Read – red tape,” said He.

The Belarusian leader emphasized that the trade interests of Belarus and the new potential are in Africa, Latin America, Asia.