Macron: France should be capable of large -scale operation

France in the future should be “conducting a large -scale operation,” said President Emmanuel Macron, reports France 24.

“France has and will be an army ready for the challenges of the century,” he said.

The country significantly increases military expenses due to the military operations of Russia in Ukraine, the president announced. According to him, in 2024-2030, more than 400 billion euros will be allocated to the Armed Forces compared to 295 billion euros in the previous defense budget to ensure “our freedom, our security, our prosperity and our place in the world.”

The goal of the new budget, he also called the adaptation of the country’s army to possible “conflicts of high intensity.”

“We must be able to act with Europeans within the framework of NATO or outside the alliance and, if necessary, provide command opportunities that will allow us to conduct a large -scale operation together,” said Macron.