Maduro suggested creating new pole of power in Latin America

Venezuela President Nicholas Maduro proposed creating in Latin America the political block of the allies of Russia and China. He noted that he was discussing the creation of Blok with Brazil President Luis Inasiu Lula da Silva, President of Colombia Gustavo Petro and Argentina President Alberto Fernandez.

“New Time is coming, a special time to join the efforts and paths of Latin America and the Caribbean to get closer to the creation of a powerful block of political forces, economic power, which will talk with the world,” said the President of Venezuela. P>

According to him, such a political bloc could become a “new pole of power” together with China and Russia.

“This community would share the common goals that our older brother (PRC chairman) Xi Jinping: Humanity, united by a common fate. Or (constructing) that multipolar and multi -centric world, which our older brother president (Russia) is talking about) Vladimir Putin, ”Maduro said.