Медведев призвал “не церемониться” с американцами после крушения дрона

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, against the backdrop of the situation with the fall of the American drone in the Black Sea, stated that the United States “completely broke off” and should not stand on ceremony.

“About the American drone. Brief conclusions: there are no international convention on this topic. The 1944 Chicago Convention and other international documents do not regulate these issues. By the way, I recall, the Americans destroyed the Open Sky Treaty, which gave the right to military inspections”, – wrote Medvedev in the telegram channel.

He noted that internal legislation is only being formed, the Air Code operates with the terms “Forbidden zones” and “zones with restrictions”.

“So, in accordance with Article 15 of the VK, forbidden zones, hazardous zones (areas of landfills, explosive work and the like), zones of restrictions on aircraft flights and other airspace elements are established. The government must also comply with these rules. Especially during the war period, which is known to all users of the airspace. Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to record the moment of entering the plane or UAV into the territorial sea, ”he wrote.

And this is part of the territory of the Russian Federation, to which our sovereignty extends, Medvedev emphasized.

“In general, speaking in a simple way, the Americans completely broke out. And it is wrong to ceremony with them. Although the military contacts are needed, of course. Especially against the backdrop of the statements of American bastards such as Senator Graham that Russian planes need to be shot down. By the way, And there are sometimes aviation accidents with such creatures, ”said the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation.