Medvedev: Russia will be able to do without a dollar

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is convinced that if necessary, Russia will be able to do without dollar payments and replace them with payments in euros or yuan. He expressed such an opinion in an interview with the Russian media, including the TASS agency.

“Yes, the lack of dollar payments can be replaced by payments in the euro, if there are euros decisions, there is a yuan. This is a new, very promising, taking into account the volume of the economy of the People’s Republic of China, the backup currency. I do not know who else is more Loses. The system that emists the dollar or the euro? They also understand well that in this case we will simply support the Chinese economy and lower their economies. To whom it is beneficial – this is a matter of taste, “Medvedev TASS quotes.

Medvedev explained that Russia has been implementing the course for a more balanced system of currency reserves for a long time, concludes that the number of dollars in total decreases.